We don’t have a lot of donor’s yet here at Paxton Cattle, but hopefully that’s proof of how critical we are trying to be on the quality it takes to get there. I believe from the production and maternal side of things, a cow should have to prove herself in what we ask her to do, before she can achieve donor status, otherwise there is just too many unknowns! We will be continually adding females to this page, so scroll down and let us know of any flushing or embryo opportunities you may want to take part in!

Bear Mtn Eulima 7419

PB Angus
Registration Number:
Date of Birth: October 12, 2007
Sire: Bear Mtn Extractor 3294 (EXT)
Dam: Bear Mtn Eulima 2150 (Special Design L309 x Foote Acres Angus)

Utterly impeccable in almost every regard phenotypically. A truly elite one that embodies not only what today’s angus cattle need, but what today’s cattle in general need. 12 years young, and still stands on a perfect, un-altered foot, agile rear leg, and is exactly the type and kind in terms of body, fleshing ability, and frame size that pays the bills. Not to mention a perfect udder, and tremendous mothering ability, she’s truly an elite one.

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KR Idessa 4212

PB Angus
Registration Number:
Date of Birth: February 28, 2014

Sire: Mohnen South Dakota 402
Dam: WK Idessa 9321 (WK Reno/TC Freedom 104)

Simply put, wow! When we stumbled upon this cow during the Krebs Ranch Dispersal a year or two ago, we knew we had to have her. If you ever come look through the cows, you’ll dang sure notice I have a kind, and 4212 absolutely fits the mold. Big bodied, easy fleshing, sound moving, good looking, beautiful uddered cows will never go out of style in my eyes, and 4212 fits the mold to a tee. Ask for embryo opportunities, we would love for you to experience her quality.

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PC Peaches 540

Commercial Angus
Date of Birth:
Spring 2015
Sire: PVF Insight 0129
Dam: PC Peaches 34 (Char Cross)

540’s is the prime example of what a hard-working, bill paying cow had ought to look like. She hasn’t missed a beat yet, 100% of her calves have been AI sired and 100% of them have been dang good. Her influence will be substantial in the years to come here at Paxton Cattle as she’s on her third year in a row of sticking a bull back in the herd sire battery. I’m excited to see her start popping up in pedigree’s as I’m confident in her ability to transmit body, functionality, and mothering ability a couple generations down the line.

PC Sow 31

Eye Candy
Dam: Hereford/Angus Cross

Flashy or not Sow flat out works. She has not missed a beat yet! She’s raised the 2018 Champion FFA steer at the California State Fair and the 2019 Open Champion Maintainer Heifer at the Nebraska State Fair and she’s just getting started. Sow’s been a key participant in building the Paxton Cattle program and will go down as one of the females that started it all.

JMP Annabelle

43.75% Shorthorn
Registration Number:
Date of Birth: xx
Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: JMP Miss Valentine (Vegas)

Annabelle definitely catches your eye, but not just for her attractive color pattern, but also her quality. We are excited what she can do for us on the steer making side of things. Big legged, thick made, sappy bellied, and neat fronted. What more can you ask for! Add to it that she’s THF & PHAF, and she offers some mating flexibility!

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GCC Juanada Steel 146W

50% Simmental
Registration Number: 2511033 
Date of Birth: January 23, 2009
Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
Dam: O C C Juanada 898L

We purchased 146W off of Griswold’s classic sale and we are dang sure glad we did. She’s a full sib to GCC Hard As Steel 144W, a Griswold herd sire, and the sire of the popular Yardley Utah. We love her pedigree, and phenotypically she’s no slouch either. Quality runs deep in this Simmental female.

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