We take great pride in our herd sires here at Paxton Cattle. The sires listed below are bulls we have put trust in to advance what we are trying to do maternally, in the showring, and in the feedlot. Please reach out if you are interested in any semen opportunities.

PC Heaven Sent 04H

Registration Number: 19896685
Date of Birth: 02/25/2020
Sire: PVF Surveillance 4129
Dam: KR Idessa 4212 (Mohnen South Dakota x WK Reno)

Heaven Sent 04H was truly a blessing for our pursuit of combining show ring presence with real world performance and functionality. 04H’s dam is one of the true foundation females of the Paxton Cattle program and her influence will be seen for years to come. We unfortunately lost her too young, but with stud herd sire’s such as Heaven Sent her influence lives on. 04H is an elite specimen of a breeding bull that’s put together as good as you can make one. We are so excited to continue proving this sire out to see the good he does in our program.

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Registration Number: N/A
Date of Birth: 2/26/2020
Sire: Business Done Right
Dam: 322D (White River x Griswold Angus)

Thor is an exciting young herd sire we’ve been implementing on our club calf lines here at Paxton Cattle. As good built as any on the place out of a good uddered, awesome made cow. Thor’s first calf crop appears to be the right kind and we can’t wait to see what this bull can do moving forward.


AMAA Registration Number: 512625
Date of Birth: 3/10/2020
Sire: BNWZ Data Bank 1311C ET
Dam: PC Peaches 540 (Insight x Peaches 34)

To the Bank is our next building block in our Maine Anjou lines. Built so attractive from the ground up with a cow line that flat out gets it done. 540’s year after year production of elite ones has landed her in the donor pen. We project To The Bank to be a sire of functional, get it done type of Maine influenced females that still maintain the look and pizzazz the breeds known for.

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ASA Registration Number: 3766408
Date of Birth: 3/04/2020
Sire: GEFF County O
Dam: P/C Queen Kimberly 58C (Built Right x Angus)

A favorite among many around here, 058H is bred for excellence. The quality of the County O progeny is well known across the country, and backed by one of the best cows on the place sure gets a guy fired up to use this herd sire. We intend to aggressively expand our Sim-Angus influence around her and 58C has been selected as the female to do so. It is so difficult to pick a hole in this cow. Bulls make daughters like their mothers, and that’s what gets us excited to see Ringgold Road’s influence for years to come.

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AJJ Gold Standard 7501

Registration Number: 18997675
Date of Birth: February 01, 2017
Sire: GCC Gold Standard X615 (GCC Total Recall x OCC Juanada 925R)
Dam: AJJ Easter Tulloch 501 (PVF Insight x S A V Pioneer)

One heck of a herd sire here, with power and mass at every angle. He stamps a tremendous amount of body and look into his progeny, managing to do so in a heifer safe package. We’ve used him on large groups of heifers with great luck. They come easy and have lots of vigor, but still have enough substance and size to perform. 7501’s sire, Gold Standard has stood the test of time as a legendary cow maker, and the bottom side of 7501’s pedigree traces back to the foundation of our angus cow herd. Contact us for semen.

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Bear Mtn Titanic 6548

Registration Number: 18583311
Date of Birth: January 20, 2016
Sire: Bear Mtn Titan 4045 (Connealy In Focus x Twin Valley Precision)
Dam: Bear Mtn Eulima 0130 (Game Day 449 x Trav. 004)

Titanic has lived up to all the hype. Daughters have hit production and are calf raising machines. Milky with near perfect teat structure and good maternal instincts. An all around ultra high quality bull that we are excited to have introduced into the program.

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P/C Redbull 8540F

Registration Number: 3458220
1/2 SM, 3/8 AN, 1/8 CH
Date of Birth: March 19, 2018
Sire: Mr Hoc Broker
Dam: PC Peaches 540 (Insight x 1/2 Blood Char)

Simply put, this one is just my kind of cattle! I’m a sucker for a good red one and he dang sure fits the ticket. I’m in love with his mother, and being out of the legendary broker, I knew from the get go he would be my next herd bull. I could talk about how much I admire this calf in terms of phenotype all day, and the same goes for his dam, and also her dam. One of my favorite cow lines here. Big bodied, easy fleshing, awesome built cattle extend down the bottom side of this bulls pedigree. Be on the lookout for daughter’s out of red bull to be market down the road in our winter female sale, you won’t want to miss out!
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